Geelong Computer Repairs and Data Recovery


Just went live with the new C2C Party Hire website. Still got some more changes to make just waiting on the customer. The website is mobile and tablet friendly.

Just finished a successful data recovery on an old Windows XP machine that hadn’t been turned on for 4 years.

Had a hp pavilion 23 that came in because it was not booting. Turns out the power button is attached to the motherboard and had been broken off. Ended up soldering it back on then added some hot glue for extra support and now it works every time. Hopefully stronger than when it came out of the factory.  🙂

Just finished moving Wathaurong Glass across to wordpress. Have a look at the end result here.

Pulled data off an old power surge pc after a recent lighting storm. Will be transferring their files from my portable hard drive tomorrow afternoon.

Really loving the new remote support software. It allows me to install a service so I can reconnect after the computer reboots. This means I can remove more viruses and spyware than previously possible. There would also be a lot of other computer problems that can now be resolved remotely.

After much procrastinating I have finally changed this site into a WordPress site. I have done this in the hope that I will have a better SEO rank in Google when people look for computer repairs and data recovery in the Geelong area.