Geelong Computer Repairs and Data Recovery

In the past I had built and maintained my own CMS package. This was expensive and time consuming, So now I recommend WordPress. There are a tone of benefits of using WordPress see just some of the reasons below.

  • 1000’s of themes that can easily be changed by the end user
  • 100’s if not 1000’s of plugins this includes things like slideshows and contact form’s
  • Mobile friendly, As April 21st this year Google started to punish sites that are not mobile friendly
  • There are also plugins that help you make your site SEO friendly
  • Updates written by a community of developers not just a small developer company

Below are some of the websites setup and hosted by Kingla IT not including this site

  1. Wathaurong Glass
  2. The Geelong Chorale
  3. C2C Party Hire
  4. Versatile Roofing Solutions