Geelong Computer Repairs and Data Recovery

Data recovery is another and sadly another important factor of my business. I have seen people lose years of family photos which is why regular backups are recommended to avoid this process. If no computer backups have been kept I can get your data back 80% of the time. If no data or the majority of files and photo’s are corrupted there will be no charge. There are a lot of factors that will impact the amount and quality of the data recovered.

I have recovered files from the following

  • Laptop hard drives
  • Computer hard drives
  • Portable hard drives
  • Flash drives although these seem to have a much lower success rate.
  • Mp3 players
  • Digital Cameras
  • SD Cards

And there have been some other odd devices that required adapters from other counties to be able to connect them to the computer for recovery.

Data Transfer

Another expanding service of the business seems to be transferring files from one computer to another. As computers become faster and cheaper transfers are some times better than repairing an old PC. As the speed of the hard drives has increased the amount of time it takes to transfer files has also reduced. This means it is now very cheap to perform data transfers for customers.