Geelong Computer Repairs and Data Recovery

With over 10 years experience in IT I have developed the skills to repair just about every computer problem you might have. If no solution is offered the job will be free of charge. If a solution is offered and the customer chooses not to proceed the job will be charged as normal.

Some common faults that are repaired easily.

  • Computer not booting
  • Virus and spyware infections
  • Applications not starting
  • Slow performance
  • Internet not working
  • Printers and scanners not working or connecting

Its not always repairs required sometimes customers require some of the following

  • Computer networking or sharing of files between PC’s
  • Setting up new software
  • Setting up emails with outlook or other mail clients
  • Data recovery and file transfers
  • Help setting up media centers, netflix and other services
  • Help with using smart phones